What is the Image Analyst module

Available with Image Analyst license.

The Image Analyst module, arcpy.ia, is a Python module for managing and processing raster data with functionality provided by the ArcGIS Image Analyst extension. It provides access to all the geoprocessing tools in the Image Analyst toolbox as well as functions and classes that allow you to automate your raster processing workflows.

Module components

The functional components of the Image Analyst module are identified below.

Image Analyst components



Image Analyst classes are used for defining groups of rasters or groups of pixel blocks for processing.


Image Analyst functions can process raster datasets and manage and analyze multidimensional raster data.


Image Analyst Map Algebra operators are grouped into Arithmetic, Bitwise, Boolean, and Relationship categories.

Along with the functions, classes and operators available in the arcpy.ia module, you can use functions and classes from ArcPy or other ArcPy modules in your Python scripts to accomplish your workflows. The Raster ArcPy class creates a raster object that can be used in Python scripting, and it is required for much of the processing available in the arcpy.ia module. The NumPyArrayToRaster ArcPy function and the RasterToNumPyArray ArcPy function may also be useful for your scripting workflows.


Additional functionality is available if you have an ArcGIS Spatial Analyst license, including all of the mathematical operators and certain classes. For more information, see the Spatial Analyst Module.

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