Intermediate data

When a model is run, output data is created for each process in the model (unless the process only modifies the input). Some of the data created is intermediate and has no value after the model is run since it was only created to connect to another process that creates output.

Manage intermediate data

Intermediate data is managed as follows:

  • Intermediate data is automatically deleted when a model is run from the Geoprocessing pane, except datasets from model output parameters.
  • Delete intermediate data in a model using the Delete Intermediate Data button.
  • Terminal outputs, outputs that are set as model parameters, and derived outputs that do not create a new dataset, but modify or directly pass the inputs such as the Add Field or Calculate Field tool cannot be set to delete intermediate data.
  • Outputs connected to tools that pass the input directly, for example, tools connected to the Collect Values or Select Data tool cannot be set to delete intermediate data.

Set the delete or preserve intermediate data option

Intermediate outputs are deleted by default. To preserve intermediate data, right-click the output variable and select the Delete Intermediate Data option. A model tool run by double-clicking the model in the Catalog pane and opened in the Geoprocessing pane deletes the outputs marked as intermediate data automatically. To delete the intermediate data when run from within a model, on the ribbon, click ModelBuilder, click Run, and click the Delete Intermediate Data button.