Connect to a traditional version

There are several workflows that require you to connect to a version to access and work with your versioned geodatabase datasets.

  • Use the Geodatabase Connection Properties dialog box for the database connection to set the versioning type and connect to a specific traditional version. The version properties are stored as part of the database connection file and used when loading data to a map or performing tasks that use the database connection.
  • When working in an active map, use the Change Version dialog box to connect to a specific version for viewing and editing.

Use the Geodatabase Connection Properties dialog box

When you first make a connection to an enterprise geodatabase using the Database Connection dialog box, the default setting for the connection uses traditional versioning and connects to the default version. You can change the versioning type and the version you are connected to by opening the Geodatabase Connection Properties dialog box for the database connection.

Geodatabase Connection Properties for Traditional Versioning Type

Follow these steps to set the database connection to a specific traditional version:

  1. Connect to your geodatabase in the Databases folder Databases in the Catalog pane.
  2. Right-click your database connection Geodatabase Connection and click Geodatabase Connection Properties Geodatabase Connection Properties.
  3. Ensure that Traditional is checked for Versioning Type.
  4. In the version list, click either the default version or a named version to connect to.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Each time you use this connection, you will connect to the version you specified.

Use the Change Version dialog box

When data is initially added to the map from the enterprise geodatabase, the default version is used unless the geodatabase connection properties are modified to use a different version. You can change the version that the layers reference using the Change Version dialog box. When you change versions, all layers in the map that share the same data source are changed to the version you select.

Change Version dialog box

Follow these steps to change versions in an active map:

  1. In the Contents pane, click the List By Data Source button List By Data Source.
  2. Right-click the enterprise geodatabase data source Geodatabase Connection whose version you want to change and click Change Version Change Version.

    When changing the data source version using Change Version and edits have not yet been saved, a dialog prompt will appear, providing a choice to save or discard edits before changing the version.

  3. Choose a version from the list and click OK.

When you change from one version to another, all layers present in the map change to the version you choose.


You can also create a version on the Versioning tab and change to this new version for active map layers.