Share datasets with attribute rules

Datasets containing attribute rules can be shared as a web feature layer. The rule type and properties determine the process of sharing the web layer.

Immediate calculation and constraint rules are evaluated immediately during edit operations. For feature service edits to evaluate these rule types, the dataset must be shared as a web feature layer using the Reference registered data option.

To evaluate batch calculation and validation rules at a user-specified time the dataset and associated error datasets must be shared as a web feature layer using the Reference registered data option and Validation capability.

The Validation capability used to evaluate batch calculation and validation rules is only available when sharing to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 or later. See Considerations when sharing to older portals for more information.

Validation capability

When you share data with batch calculation or validation rules, there is an optional Validation capability you can enable. To learn more, see Additional layers and capabilities.

The following features can be accessed using a feature layer when you publish with Validation capabilities:

  • The Error Inspector can be used to perform the following tasks:

    • Evaluate rules
    • Review current errors
    • Mark errors as exceptions

  • Evaluation of attribute rules using the Evaluate Rules tool

Analyzers are used to check datasets that are being shared as feature layers with validation capabilities. The following conditions are enforced via these analyzers:

  • All four error datasets listed below are present in the map. There can be no more than one layer referencing the same error dataset.
    • GDB_ValidationPointErrors
    • GDB_ValidationLineErrors
    • GDB_ValidationPolygonErrors
    • GDB_ValidationObjectErrors
  • All data must be branch versioned. For more information, see Register a dataset as branch versioned.
  • The connected geodatabase must be set to branch for versioning type in the Geodatabase Connection Properties. For more information, see Update Geodatabase Connection Properties To Branch.
  • The connected geodatabase user must be the owner of the data.

Share datasets with attribute rules

To share datasets with attribute rules, complete the following steps:

  1. In ArcGIS Pro, author a map containing datasets with attribute rules. Optionally add the associated error datasets to the map if you plan to share a feature layer using the Validation capability.

    All fields must be set to visible.

  2. Share a web feature layer by doing one of the following:
    • Share the map and all of its layers as a web layer. On the Share tab, in the Share As group, click Web Layer Web layer.
    • Share selected layers from the map as a web layer. Select the layers in the Contents pane. Right-click and click Sharing > Share As Web Layer Web layer.
  3. In the Name text box on the General tab, provide a name for the web layer.
  4. Complete the Item Details fields for Summary and Tags.
  5. For Data, check Reference registered data.

    When you enable Reference registered data, a map image layer is included. For web feature layers to take advantage of attribute rules, the data must be published using the Reference registered data option in the Share As Web Layer pane. This ensures that the data is not copied during the publishing process and is directly referenced by the service.

  6. For Layer Type, click Feature.
  7. Under Location, specify the storage location of the web layer in Portal Folder and Server and Folder.
  8. By default, the web layer is saved to My Content. To save the web layer to a folder in My Content, type the folder name or browse to an existing folder
  9. Specify how the web layer will be shared.
    • Everyone—This option makes your content public. This means anyone can access and see it.
    • My Organization—This option allows your content to be shared with all authenticated users in the organization.
    • Groups—You can share your content with groups you belong to and members of those groups.
  10. Optionally enable the Validation capability on the feature service. This is not required when sharing datasets with attribute rules but is required if you want the feature layer to participate in validation workflows. Click the Configuration tab, and click Validation under Capabilities.

    Review the Validation capability section above for more information on the prerequisites and analyzers for using this capability.

  11. Optionally click the Content tab to view the new web layer or layers and all associated components.
  12. Click Analyze to check for any errors or issues. You must resolve all errors. If any issues are discovered, they appear on the Messages tab. Right-click each message to get more information, read the help for the error or warning, and access suggested fixes. Learn more about analyzing GIS resources
  13. Once validated, click Publish to share your web layer.
  14. Once the web layer has successfully published, click the Manage the web layer link to manage the web feature layer through your portal. Since Reference registered data was selected earlier, the link will take you to the map image layer.
  15. Web feature layers can be accessed through your portal.