Edit the data contributing to a LAS dataset

Available with 3D Analyst license.

LAS files and surface constraints can be added or removed from an existing LAS dataset. Adding or removing data provides the ability to update LAS dataset surface data, which is important to make accurate and current surface information available for conducting analysis.

There are two methods for adding or removing LAS files or surface constraints from a LAS dataset: use either geoprocessing tools or the LAS Dataset Properties dialog box from the Catalog pane.

LAS dataset surface updates can come in different forms:

  • Adding ancillary data (for example, breaklines)
  • Removing or replacing bad lidar data
  • Increasing extent with additional data
  • Using newer or more accurate data
  • Inserting design/modeled data to perform what-if analyses

The following geoprocessing tools are available to add or remove LAS files or surface constraints. These tools can be found on the Data tab, in the Management group.

Geoprocessing toolsDescription

Add Files To LAS Dataset tool

Adds lidar LAS files and/or surface constraint features to an existing LAS dataset

Remove Files From LAS Dataset tool

Removes reference of one or more lidar LAS files and/or surface constraints from an LAS dataset

LAS Dataset Properties

The Catalog pane provides access to the LAS Dataset Properties dialog box to add or remove LAS files, ZLAS files or surface constraints interactively. Click either the LAS Files or Surface Constraints tab on the LAS Dataset Properties dialog box to add or remove data.

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