Highlight records in a selection set

Highlighting records in the selected view of the attribute table allows you to work with a subset of your selected records. The original selection can be made by either selecting features in the view or selecting records directly in the table. You can change the table display to only show the selected records. Highlighting is when you create a new selection subset from the existing set of selected records in this selected view. Highlighted records appear yellow in both the table and the map or scene view.

The benefit of being able to highlight records within a selection set is that you are identifying specific features from an already defined subgroup. For example, you may have identified a set of invalid features in the attribute table. Once they're selected, zoom to the area on the map to view the invalid features. In the table's selected view, you can highlight any particular features being edited. In other words, you are highlighting specific features within a group to help your workflow and understand your data.

Highlight records from the attribute table

A selection is required to highlight a subset of records. Selection is persisted but highlighting is not. That is, if you close and reopen the map, or change the selection, the highlighting is cleared, but the selection remains.

  1. Open the attribute table for the layer you want to work with.
  2. Create a feature selection either interactively in the view or using other methods such as through a query or in the attribute table.
  3. In the attribute table, click the Show selected records button Show Selected Records at the lower left.
    The table view updates to show only the selected set of records.
  4. Click the row header of the record you want to highlight. Both the row and the feature in the view are highlighted in yellow. Optionally right-click the row header to turn the highlight of the current record on and off by clicking Highlight/Unhighlight Highlight/Unhighlight.
  5. To highlight multiple records from the selection set, click the first row you want to highlight and drag the pointer over a series of records to highlight. If the records to highlight are not a continuous set, press Ctrl and click individual records to add them to the highlighted subset.

Work with highlighted records

The table toolbar contains a set of tools specific to working with highlighted records.


Unselect Highlighted Unselect Highlighted

Remove the highlighted rows from the current selection set.

For example, if you have five selected records and three highlighted records, clicking Unselect Highlighted removes the three highlighted records from the selection set. In this example, you would have two selected records remaining.

Reselect Highlighted Reselect Highlighted

Update the current selection set to select only the highlighted records in the Show Selected view and deselect all the other records. (This allows you to refine the selected set by limiting it to the records you have highlighted.)

Zoom To Highlighted Zoom to Highlighted

Center the map on the features in the highlighted records.

Switch Highlighted Switch Highlighted

Switch the highlighted records. For example, if all records are highlighted, Switch Highlighted removes the highlight, but the records remain selected. If no selected records are highlighted, Switch Highlighted highlights all selected records.

Clear Highlighted Clear Highlighted

Highlight is removed from all currently highlighted records, but the records remain selected.

Delete Highlighted Delete Highlighted

Delete all highlighted records from the table.

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