Modify a subnetwork controller

A subnetwork controller is a terminal on a device or junction object that represents the origin of a subnetwork, either a source or sink.

An existing subnetwork controller can be modified in the Modify Subnetwork Controller pane. The Subnetwork Name property can be changed for a subnetwork controller. When the subnetwork name is altered for a subnetwork controller, the existing subnetwork controller is deleted and a new controller is added with the new subnetwork name.

The Description and Notes properties are read-only for existing subnetwork controllers.


An existing subnetwork controller is present.

Modify a subnetwork controller feature

To modify a subnetwork controller feature, complete the following steps:

  1. On the ribbon, under Utility Network, click the Data tab.
  2. In the Subnetwork group, click Modify Controller Modify Controller.
  3. In the Modify Subnetwork Controller pane, choose one of the following to modify a subnetwork controller feature:
    • Click the Select a feature tool Edit Vertex and then select a feature on the map from the device feature class.
    • Click the Add Selected tool Add Method to add a selected row from the junction object or device attribute table.

    The Modify Subnetwork Controller pane is populated with the selected feature you want to modify.

  4. In the pane, update the Subnetwork Name parameter to specify which subnetwork it will define.

    The subnetwork name must be unique for the utility network. The name cannot exceed 64 characters, and the following special characters are supported:

    • Hyphen (-)
    • Colon (:)
    • Ampersand (&)
    • Space ( )
    • Number sign (#)
    • Forward slash (/)
    • Opening parenthesis (()
    • Closing parenthesis ())

  5. Click Apply.

The subnetwork controller feature is updated.