Remove a subnetwork controller

There are cases in which a terminal on a device or junction object no longer needs to be set as a subnetwork controller. You can remove this assignment in the Modify Subnetwork Controller pane.


An existing subnetwork controller is present.

Remove the subnetwork controller assignment

  1. On the ribbon, under Utility Network, click the Data tab.
  2. In the Subnetwork group, click Modify Controller Modify Controller.
  3. In the Modify Subnetwork Controller pane, choose one of the following to add a selected feature to the pane:
    • Click the Select a feature tool Edit Vertex and then select a feature on the map from the device feature class.
    • Click the Add Selected tool Add Method to add a selected row from the junction object or device attribute table.

    The Modify Subnetwork Controller pane is populated with the selected feature you want to remove as a subnetwork controller.

  4. For the Terminal parameter, select the terminal from the drop-down to remove as a subnetwork controller.
  5. Click the delete button Delete next to the Terminal parameter.
  6. Click Apply.

The terminal is removed as a subnetwork controller. Validate the network topology so this terminal is no longer treated as a subnetwork controller by analytic operations. Run the Update Subnetwork tool to update and remove the Subnetwork Name for features in the subnetwork. Export the subnetwork with the Set export acknowledged check box checked to remove the row in the Subnetworks table corresponding to the terminal. When working with an enterprise geodatabase, this must be performed against the default version.