Add prebuilt multipatch features

In the Create Features pane, feature templates for multipatch layers include a library of construction tools that create prebuilt multipatch features. They are available on the feature template toolbar.

You can set the size, orientation, and the insertion point of a feature before adding it to your scene. Prebuilt features can be used in their existing form or you can modify them using Edit Vertices Edit Vertices .

To add imported 3D models, see Add a 3D model as a multipatch feature.

  1. If the current map does not contain a multipatch feature layer, add it.
    1. On the View tab, click Catalog Pane Catalog Pane, and expand Databases Databases.
    2. Expand the default database or the database containing your data.

      To create a multipatch feature class, right-click the database, click New and click Feature Class.

    3. Drag the feature class onto the map.

      A feature template with default settings is autogenerated for the new layer.

  2. On the Edit tab, set your snapping preferences and open the Create Features pane.
    1. In the Snapping group, enable your snapping preferences.

      You can press and hold Spacebar to temporarily turn snapping off as you sketch a feature.

    2. In the Features group, click Create Create Features.
  3. In the Create Features pane, choose a feature template and set your attributes values.
    1. Click a multipatch feature template.
    2. Click the active template button Forward and type the attributes values you want to apply to the feature.
  4. Click a construction tool.
    • Cone Multipatch Cone—Creates a tapered multipatch cone
    • Cube Multipatch Cube—Creates a multipatch box
    • Cylinder Multipatch Cylinder—Creates a straight multipatch cylinder
    • Diamond Multipatch Diamond—Creates a multipatch octahedron with eight triangular faces
    • Hexagon Multipatch Hexagon—Creates a multipatch hexagonal prism
    • Sphere Multipatch Sphere—Creates a multipatch sphere
    • Sphere Frame Multipatch Sphere Frame—Creates a multipatch sphere consisting of 10 equally spaced spherical wedge surfaces and 10 spherical wedge surface gaps
    • Tetrahedron Multipatch Tetrahedron—Creates a multipatch tetrahedron with four triangular faces

    To change the attribute values, click Attributes Attributes

  5. Expand the parameter settings and specify the size, rotation, and position of the feature.
    • Size—The feature height (Z), width (X), and depth (Y).

      To scale the feature proportionately, click the control bracket next to the parameters until a vertical line appears to connect the height, width and depth settings.

    • Rotation—The feature angle, tilt, and roll in 3D space.
    • Position—The insertion point of the feature along its x-, y-, and z-axis.

    To restore settings to the values saved with the feature template, click Reset.

    Create multipatch shapes
  6. Add the feature to the active scene.
    1. Click the scene to create the feature.
    2. Click the scene again to add another instance of the feature, or press Esc to exit insert mode.

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