Add unit formats for editing

On the project Options dialog box, click Units to add unit formats to your project and make them available to editing tools that specify angles, distance, direction, or location. Set a unit format as the default unit to specify the unit format for tools that create new geometry.

For example, add meters (m) to your project distance units when you want meters to appear as an optional unit in drop-down lists that specify distance. Set it as the default unit to use it to create new features.

To learn more about unit formats for editing, see the following:

Add a unit format and set the default

  1. On the Edit tab, in the Manage Edits group, click the Options dialog box launcher Launcher.

    The dialog box appears.

    Units table
  2. Click Units.
  3. Expand the units table used by the editing tools for which you want to add a unit format.

    Angular Units

    Tools that specify angles, such as Deflection Deflection.

    Direction Units

    Tools that specify angles as a direction, such as Direction Direction.

    Distance Units

    Tools that specify distance, such as Distance Distance.

    Location Units

    Tools that specify location, such as Absolute XYZ Absolute XYZ.

    The unit table appears showing the unit formats defined for the current project.

  4. To add a unit format to your project, click <Select Unit Code> and choose the unit.

    The units added to a project appear as optional units on editing tools.

    Distance dialog box

  5. Set the default unit format for construction tools using one of the following methods:
    • Click the button in the default column.
    • Right-click the unit name and click Set default unit.

    The default units are used by the feature construction tools.

    Default units

  6. Click OK.

Change the display units

The coordinate display at the bottom of a map or a scene view reports the location of the pointer in real-world units. Changing the display units does not affect the editing tools.

To learn more, see Map units, location units, and display units.

  1. Click the drop-down arrow and click the units you want reported as you move the pointer.
    Coordinate display