Create a group template

In the Manage Templates pane, New Group Template New Group Template creates a new group template for a layer using the highlighted existing template as the primary template. You can change the primary template on the Builders tab.

The primary template determines what you create in a map. You can add other feature templates as component templates to automatically create other features based on the geometry or location of the primary features.

For example, you can create a water service line as the primary feature, and configure component templates to automatically create a fitting, a valve, and a hydrant at specific locations along the service line.

For steps to configure the tool palette or add component templates, see Configure a group template.

New group template

To create a new group feature template, click an existing feature template, click New New Template, and click Group Template New Group Template.

  1. Open the Manage Templates pane using one of the following methods:
    • On the Edit tab, in the lower right corner of the Features group, click the Manage Templates dialog box launcher Launcher.
    • In the Create Features pane, click Manage Templates Manage Templates.

    The Manage Templates pane appears.

  2. In the pane, expand the map icon Map View for the current map and click the template you want to set as the primary template.
    • If no templates exist, click the New arrow New Template, click Template New Template and create and configure a template.
  3. On the toolbar, click the New drop-down arrow New Template and click Group Template New Group Template.

    The Template Properties dialog box appears.

  4. To change the primary template to another template that references the same layer, click Builders, hover over the template name, and click Edit Editable.
  5. Click General.
  6. In the Name text box, type a name.

    The OK button is enabled.

  7. In the Description text box, you can document the template with an optional description that you and your organization can search and find in the pane.
  8. In the Tags text box, keywords for the geometry type and group are automatically generated. They appear as filters on the Filter drop-down menu Filter. You can delete them or add additional tags.
    • To add a tag, type the keyword and press Enter.
    • To delete a tag, click X.
  9. Click OK.

    The template is saved and the dialog box closes.

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