Create a point or vertex at the midpoint of two locations

The Midpoint tool Midpoint creates a vertex or a point feature at the midpoint between two specified locations. The locations can be sketched or specified as numeric values. The second location can also be specified as a direction and distance measurement from the first location.

This tool is available on the construction toolbar when a feature template construction tool is active. Clicking the tool suspends the active tool until you click an intersection on the temporary construction lines and create the vertex or point feature.


When ground to grid correction is turned on, your input values are assumed to be ground measurements. An offset angle is applied to directions, and a distance factor multiplies distances. This occurs in real time as you specify construction measurements.

  1. If the current map does not contain a point, line, or polygon feature layer, add one.
    1. On the View tab, click Catalog Pane Catalog Pane, and expand Databases Databases.
    2. Expand the default database or the database containing your data.

      To create a feature class, right-click the database, click New, and click Feature Class.

    3. Drag the feature class onto the map.

      A feature template with default settings is automatically generated for the new layer.

  2. On the Edit tab, click Create Create Features to show the Create Features pane.
  3. Click a point, line, or polygon feature template.
    • To override the default feature attribute values, click the active template button Forward and type the attributes values you want to apply to the feature.
  4. Click a feature construction tool on the template tool palette, for example:
    • To create a point feature, click Point Point.
    • To create a line feature, click Line Line.
    • To create a polygon feature, click Polygon Polygon.
  5. On the construction toolbar, click Midpoint Midpoint.
    Construction toolbar

    The active construction tool temporarily suspends creating features.

  6. Click the first location or right-click and specify the coordinates.
    • To cancel the location and specify a new one, press Esc.

    A dashed construction line appears across the extents of the map.

  7. To create the vertex or point feature, click the second location or right-click and specify the coordinates, or the direction and distance from the first.
    • To exit the intersection tool and resume creating features, click a feature construction tool.
  8. To finish the feature, click Finish Finish or press F2.

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