Edit vertex z-values

In the Modify Features pane, the Edit Vertices tool Edit Vertices edits z-values assigned to vertices of z-aware features. The values appear in the pane in the geometry properties table. You can edit an z-value for one vertex or apply the same value to multiple vertices.

Z-values are assigned directly to feature geometry. They commonly contain elevation data for a feature in 3D space, for example, the height of an aircraft or elevation changes along an underground transportation line feature. Z-values can also be used to store density or quantity.

Edit z-values

If the z-value field does not appear in the geometry properties table for the selected feature, create a new line or point feature class with z-values enabled, and then import the existing features to the new feature class.

  1. On the Edit tab, in the Features group, click Modify Modify Features.
  2. In the Modify Features pane, expand Reshape and click Edit Vertices Edit Vertices.
    • If topological editing is turned on, click Features.
      Edit Vertices

    To hide the Features and Edges tabs, turn topological editing off. On the Edit tab, in the Manage Edits group, click the topology drop-down arrow and click No Topology No Topology.

  3. Select the feature using tools in the pane.
    1. Click Select Active Select and select the feature.
    2. If you select more than one feature, double-click the feature item you want to edit or right-click it and click Only Select This Unselect.

      Only Select This

    The z-values appear in the geometry properties table.

  4. In the geometry properties table, click the z-value field and type the value.

    As an alternative to using the geometry properties table, you can right-click a vertex or a point feature and use the Move Delta XYZ or Move to Absolute XYZ options to change a z-value. Leave the x and y fields unchanged to preserve their current values.

  5. To apply the same z-value to several vertices, do the following:
    1. Click the check boxes for the vertices you want to update.

      Press Ctrl to click and select multiple rows. Press Shift to select all rows between the first and last row you click.

      The vertex handles for the selected vertices highlight in the map with the symbology set on the Editor Settings dialog box for selected vertices.

    2. On the geometry properties table toolbar, click Update Z Values Edit Z-Value.

      Update z-values.

    3. Type the z-value, and press Enter.

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