Feature template messages

In the Create Features pane, warning icons Warning and message notifications alert you when a template creates nonvisible features or when existing templates do not appear in the pane.

This topic explains what the feature template messages mean and how you can resolve them. To learn more about creating features, see Introduction to creating features.


A warning icon Warning appears next to a template when it creates features that are not visible as a result of scale settings, symbology changes, or other reasons. Hover over the icon to view information about the cause and a possible remedy.

MessageCausePossible remedy

Missing symbol

The attribute value for the symbol is missing or the symbology has changed. Symbology must be of single-symbol type, or unique symbols.

Add the missing value to the feature template, change the layer symbology to single symbol or unique symbols, or create a new feature template.

Layer is not visible

The scale range for the layer is outside the current map scale.

Zoom in or out to display the layer.

Failed definition query

An attribute value required by the definition query is missing.

Add the missing values to the feature template or modify the definition query for the layer.

Layer is time enabled

One or more attribute values that specify time are outside the expected range.

Edit the attribute values or disable the Layer Time property.

Templates not shown

The message Click here to list templates not shown Information appears in the pane when a template is missing from the list. Click this message to display the notifications page and see a list of missing templates. On the notifications page, expand the template name to view more information about why the template is not showing in the pane. When you are finished viewing this list, click the back arrow Back.

MessageCausePossible remedy

Layer is not marked editable

In the Contents pane, on the Editing page Editing, the layer check box is unchecked.

Check the layer check box to enable editing.

Layer is not visible

In the Contents pane, on the Drawing Order page List By Drawing Order, the layer check box is unchecked.

Check the layer check box to enable visibility and display the layer.

Layer has no templates

No templates exist for this layer.

On the Edit tab in the Features group, click the Manage Templates dialog box launcher Launcher, and create a feature template for this layer.