Move a topology edge

In the Modify Features pane, Move Move can move topology edges shared by polyline or polygon features when you enable map topology on the Edit tab. Moving an edge also moves any coincident nodes or vertices, and stretches the connected edges.

Enabling Stretch Topology Stretch Proportionately rubber sheets features and attempts to preserve their relative shape by also moving vertices that lie between the selected edge and the nearest node connections.

Move edges

Moving a topology edge can be a quick way to move shared boundaries between polyline or polygon features. You can move the selection anchor and use it to snap to other features.

  1. On the Edit tab, in the Manage Edits group, click the Map Topology Map Topology drop-down arrow and enable map topology.
  2. On the Edit tab in the Features group, click Modify Modify Features.

    The Modify Features appears.

  3. In the pane, expand Alignment and click Move Move.

    The tool opens in the pane.

    Moved Edges
  4. Click the Edges tab.

    The topology graph highlights in the map.

  5. Click Select Select Topology and click the edge you want to move.

    The selection appears in a list in the pane and highlight in the map. The editing toolbar appears construction tools.

    Editing toolbar
  6. To refine the selection, do the following:
    • Click Toggle Selection Blue button to add or remove a feature from the selection.
    • Uncheck a feature to temporarily disable editing for an individual feature.
  7. To manage the selection, right-click a feature and use the following commands:
    • Flash Flash—Flashes the selected features in the map.
    • Zoom To Zoom to Selected—Zooms the view to the selected features.
    • Pan To Pan to Selected—Pans the view to the selected features.
    • Only Select This Unselect—Removes all other features from the selection.
    • Unselect Clear Selected—Removes the feature from the selection.
  8. On the Edit tab in the Snapping group, enable your snapping preferences.
  9. To move the selection anchor, press Ctrl and drag the anchor.

    You can use the anchor to snap to features.

  10. If you need to preserve the relative shape of the features affected by your edits, click and enable Stretch Topology Stretch Proportionately on the editing toolbar.

    When this setting is enabled, vertices that lie between the selected edge and the nearest node connections also move when you drag the selected edge.

  11. Drag the selected edge to the new location.

    Coincident edges also move and any edges connected to its endpoints stretch and remain connected.

  12. On the editing toolbar, click Finish Finish or press the F2 key to apply your changes.

    If your edits break the topology graph, the message Edit operation failed Error appears, and your changes are canceled.

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