Offset (Polyline)

In a group template, the Offset builder Offset at start of line creates a gap at a specified radial distance from the first point location you click in a map and the first vertex you create for a polyline feature. You create the first vertex along a temporary circular buffer showing the distance of the gap. The builder is available with polyline primary templates.

When you configure the builder with a point feature template, it creates a point feature at the first point location. If you snap to an existing point feature on a layer that is currently configured for the builder, the builder does not create a duplicate point feature.

To view a complete list of feature builders, see Feature builder reference.



Choose a feature template

The point template in the map used to generate a point feature at the first point location you create in a map.



The gap measured as radial distance around the first point location you create in a map. The default distance is zero.



When the features are members of a Utility Network, a connectivity association record is created between the first point feature in the group and the point feature added at an offset.

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