Snap to specific features

The snap agents on the Snap To Feature context menu temporarily override your active snap settings and snap to a specific feature. They are available when you are actively sketching geometry.

  1. In the Create Features pane, choose a feature template.
  2. Start creating a feature.
  3. Hover and right-click an existing feature near the geometry element to which you want to snap, for example an endpoint or a vertex.
  4. Right-click, click Snap To Feature, and click a snap agent.

    Snap To Feature

    • Endpoint Endpoint —Snaps to the nearest endpoint of an existing line feature.
    • Vertex Vertex—Snaps to the nearest vertex of an existing segment.
    • Midpoint Midpoint—Snaps to the nearest midpoint of an existing segment.
    • Edge Edge—Snaps to the nearest edge of an existing segment.

    The snap agent snaps the vertex to a valid geometry element nearest the pointer.

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