Split lines into COGO lines

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

In the Modify Features pane, the Split Into COGO Lines tool Split Into COGO Lines creates two-point COGO lines and arcs from selected line features. The feature is split at each vertex. You can preserve or modify the selected features and preserve, update, or overwrite existing COGO attribute values.

  1. On the Edit tab, in the Corrections group, click Ground To Grid, and verify your ground to grid settings.
  2. On the Edit tab, in the Features group, click Modify Modify Features.

    The Modify Features pane appears.

  3. Expand COGO and click Split Into COGO Lines Split Into COGO Lines.

    The tool opens in the pane.

  4. Select the line features you want to split into COGO two-point lines and arcs.
    1. Click the Select tool Active Select and select the line features.
    2. To filter the selection to only one feature, double-click the feature item you want to edit or right-click it and click Only Select This Unselect.

      Only Select This


    If a line feature does not exist, you can create one using a feature template. When you click Finish Finish or press F2, the tool uses it as the current selection.

  5. To preserve the selected features, do the following:
    1. Check Use Template.
    2. Click the drop-down arrow and choose a feature template that references a line feature layer that is different than the layer on which the selected features reside.
  6. Choose to preserve or update existing COGO attribute values.
    • Check Override existing COGO attributes to update all COGO fields to match the selected feature geometry.
    • Uncheck this setting to preserve existing COGO values and update only the COGO fields that are currently null.

  7. Click Split.

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