View utility network associations

In the Attributes pane Attributes, you can view utility network attributes and associated assets for a selected network feature. In the tree view, associations appear below the selected feature and report the total number of associated subfeatures.

Associated features are organized by layer and can contain multiple items. When you click a connection, a containment, or an attachment, information about the association is reported on the Associations tab.

To learn more, see Associations.

View associated network assets

When you click an association in the tree view, the asset group and type are reported in a single line, for example, Transformer : step. When you click a feature, the Attributes and Geometry tabs appear.

  1. On the Edit tab, in the Selection group, click Attributes Attributes.

    The Attributes pane appears.

    Attributes pane
  2. Click Select Select and select a utility network feature.

    The selection list appears in the pane.

  3. Click a network association, for example, Connected to, Contained within, or Attached to.

    The Associations tab appears and reports information about all associations for the selected feature.

  4. In the selection list, right-click the association and click Zoom To Zoom to Selected.

    Association context menu