Update animation timing

When you create your animation, the timing between keyframes and the duration of your animation are generated automatically based on the distance or spacing between the keyframes in your map. You can change the length of travel time between individual keyframes, or the duration of your entire animation.


When you change the duration of your entire animation, the time between each keyframe is automatically updated and scaled in proportion to the total duration.

Update timing between two keyframes

  1. On the Animation tab, in the Edit group, expand the Keyframe List to view your current keyframes.
  2. In the Keyframe List, expand the time view menu and choose Keyframe Length to see the amount of time between keyframes instead of the cumulative time.
  3. Select the time in Keyframe List next to the transition that you want to edit, and type the new value for the transition.
  4. Press Enter.

    The new total duration of your animation automatically updates in the Playback group.

Update timing of the entire animation

  1. On the Animation tab, in the Playback group, click inside the Duration box.
  2. Type the duration of time that you want your entire animation to span.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. The existing keyframes are scaled to fit the new animation duration.

To learn more about the Keyframe List as a way to make updates to your animation, see The animation's Keyframes List.