Voxel layer slices

Available with Advanced license.

Often voxel layers span a large area. Use slices to define an area of interest in a voxel layer. You can slice a voxel layer vertically to show a smaller volume only, or apply a horizontal slice to reduce the voxel layer to a specific height.

You can explore the volume in a voxel layer using the Slice and Section toolbar. Slices visually cut the volume by removing a portion of it to explore the interior. This area of interest also defines the size of sections and isosurfaces of a voxel layer.

Both vertical and horizontal slices can be created on the voxel layer. The volume that is cut faces the camera and slices the entire extent of the volume. You can flip the volume to show the opposite side. Move slices across the volume or adjust the tilt and orientation.

Vertical slice results
The result of the vertical slice is shown. Data courtesy of TNO geological survey of The Netherlands.

Reposition the slice

You can reposition the slice. To move the slice across the volume, use the Push or Pull tool Move Slice. To adjust the angle of the slice along a vertical axis, use the Orient tool Orient Slice. To adjust the angle of the slice along a horizontal axis, use the Tilt tool Tilt Slice. In addition to the toolbar, you can use the Voxel Exploration pane to make these adjustments using exact values.

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