Get started with ArcGIS Maritime

Available with Maritime Charting license.

ArcGIS Maritime is a system for managing and producing maritime data compliant with the International Hydrographic Organization's (IHO) S-100 series of standards. ArcGIS Maritime provides tools for loading an S-100 based feature catalogue, ingesting S-100 data, symbolizing data, and exporting S-101 products.

Furthermore, you can use ArcGIS Maritime to do the following:

  • Load an S-100 based feature catalogue into a geodatabase.
  • Import S-100 products into a geodatabase for centralized management and editing.
  • Symbolize your S-101 data using the ArcGIS Pro project templates from Esri Hydrographic Office. The templates provide an ocean basemap, maritime style and layer files, symbology, preset maritime geoprocessing environment settings, maritime geoprocessing tool favorites, and logically grouped feature layers.
  • Create and edit S-100 features.
  • Export S-101 products from the geodatabase for use in other applications.