24035: Layer type is not supported for web feature layer

Your layer is of a type that is not supported in a web feature layer.


  • Do nothing. This layer will be dropped from the web feature layer.
  • Ungroup any group layers.
  • Remove the layer from the map.

More information

Web feature layers only support feature layers. The following are examples of layer types that are not supported in web feature layers:

  • Annotation

    If you are sharing a feature layer that references registered data to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6, annotation that has been upgraded is supported. For more information about upgrading your annotation, see Annotation storage.

  • Dimensions
  • Graphics layers
  • Group layers
  • Raster datasets
  • TINs
If these layer types are present, you can still share a web feature layer but these layer types are ignored by the web feature layer. If you plan to use the web feature layer for editing, it is recommended that you only add data to the map that you want to edit (the operational layers).

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