Sharing job status

The time needed to publish a web layer, share a web map or web scene, or share a package to your ArcGIS organization may range from a few seconds to a few hours, depending on the complexity and size of the GIS resource being shared. Sharing requests are processed in the background, allowing you to continue working with ArcGIS Pro or to close the application altogether. Progress is reported at the bottom of the sharing pane. You can also access the status of your sharing processes from the Share tab. This is helpful if you have shared multiple web layers, web maps or web scenes, or packages; closed the sharing pane; or closed ArcGIS Pro.

On the Share tab, in the Status group, click Jobs Check Sharing Job Status. The Job Status pane appears. The Job Status pane can also be opened by clicking the Jobs button in the sharing and packaging panes.

The Job Status pane provides a quick view of your sharing processes and their statuses. Icons and progress bars let you know if a sharing process succeeded Succeeded or failed Failed, or if it's in progress, pending, or being canceled. Detailed information about each job, such as job ID, name, status, ArcGIS organization, URL, and messages, is available in a pop-up that appears when you hover over a sharing process.

Information regarding the cache generation status for web tile layers and web scene layers published from ArcGIS Pro also appears in the Job Status pane. Detailed cache messages can be viewed by hovering over the web layer being cached in the Job Queue. Information captured in the pop-up includes the name of the layer being cached and the percentage completed, as well as start time and end time for the caching process.

Reports can be found at C:\Users\<USERPROFILE>\AppData\Local\ESRI\ArcGISPro\Staging\SharingProcesses. The SharingJobLog.log file is located in each job folder and contains detailed information about that sharing job.

A CachingLog.log file is generated for each cached web layer. It can also be found in the associated job folder. The CachingLog.log file contains detailed information about cache generation jobs. If a sharing job fails, use the View log link at the bottom of the sharing pane or the Job Status pane to open the log file. If you delete a job from the Job Status pane, the corresponding job folder and all of its contents is deleted from this location.


A CachingLog.log file is not generated when caching scene, tile, and elevation layers locally.

Manage job status

The following tools are available for managing the sharing processes listed in the Job Status pane:

  • To cancel a sharing process that is either pending or in progress, click Cancel Job Cancel Job.
  • To remove a completed sharing process from the list, hover over the job and click Remove Job Remove Job.
  • To remove all completed sharing processes from the list, click the menu Menu and click Remove Finished Jobs Remove Finished Jobs.
  • To update the status of the jobs listed in the Job Queue, click the menu Menu and click Refresh Refresh.

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