What is the ArcGIS Publisher extension?

The ArcGIS Publisher extension enables the sharing of content throughout the ArcGIS platform.

Share your map or scene with anyone

ArcGIS Publisher allows you to share and distribute your ArcGIS Pro maps, scenes, and data with anyone. Using ArcGIS Publisher, you can convert ArcGIS Pro maps to mobile map packages (.mmpk) that are viewable in Explorer for ArcGIS, a free app. You can also convert local and global scenes to mobile scene packages (.mspk). The mobile maps and scenes can also be used in apps created with ArcGIS AppStudio or ArcGIS Runtime SDK. These maps and scenes can be used by anyone without needing to sign in.

Sharing mobile map packages or mobile scene packages without the ArcGIS Publisher extension means that all users will need to sign in to an ArcGIS organizational account to access the package.

Offline public maps and scenes

With ArcGIS Publisher, you can share a digital map or scene with someone who is not a member of your organization, or share an interactive map or scene for use in a location without Internet access. Mobile maps and scenes contain the map or scene and all required data in a single shareable file. A mobile map or scene can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Tablet and smartphone use

Use ArcGIS Publisher to share your authoritative ArcGIS Pro maps or scenes with tablet and smartphone users. The same cartography, search, and pop-up functionality you are accustomed to in ArcGIS Pro can be used on a tablet or smartphone.

See Mobile map package for more information on how to create a mobile map package.

See Mobile scene package for more information on how to create a mobile scene package.