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CIMVectorTileLayer Class

ArcGIS.Core.CIM Namespace : CIMVectorTileLayer Class
Represents a VectorTile layer.
Object Model
CIMVectorTileLayer ClassCIMChart ClassCIMStringMap ClassCIMVectorTileDataConnection ClassCIMVectorTileLayer ClassCIMVectorTileLayer ClassCIM3DLayerProperties ClassCIMLayerElevationSurface ClassCIMLayerTemplate ClassCIMPopupInfo ClassTimeInstant Class

A VectorTileServiceLayer provides rich cartographic content in a fast and efficient vector tile format. It may have multiple styles and if so users can choose which style to use to display the layer's vector geometries.

Logically a VectorTileServiceLayer is more like a basemap layer in that it is typically composed of several distinct data sources (e.g. roads, cities, hydrology, buildings) that can provide context and background but in a way that is typically more performant than raster tile layers.

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Target Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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