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esriGeometryType Enumeration

ArcGIS.Core.CIM Namespace : esriGeometryType Enumeration
The available kinds of geometry objects.
esriGeometryAny Any of the geometry coclass types.
esriGeometryBag A collection of geometries of arbitrary type.
esriGeometryBezier3Curve A third degree bezier curve (four control points).
esriGeometryCircularArc A portion of the boundary of a circle.
esriGeometryEllipticArc A portion of the boundary of an ellipse.
esriGeometryEnvelope A rectangle indicating the spatial extent of another geometry.
esriGeometryLine A straight line segment between two points.
esriGeometryMultiPatch A collection of surface patches.
esriGeometryMultipoint An ordered collection of points.
esriGeometryNull A geometry of unknown type.
esriGeometryPath A connected sequence of segments.
esriGeometryPoint A single zero dimensional geometry.
esriGeometryPolygon A collection of rings ordered by their containment relationship.
esriGeometryPolyline An ordered collection of paths.
esriGeometryRay An infinite, one-directional line extending from an origin point.
esriGeometryRing An area bounded by one closed path.
esriGeometrySphere A complete 3 dimensional sphere.
esriGeometryTriangleFan A surface patch of triangles defined by the first point and two consecutive points.
esriGeometryTriangles A surface patch of triangles defined by non-overlapping sets of three consecutive points each.
esriGeometryTriangleStrip A surface patch of triangles defined by three consecutive points.
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