Import FAA 18B Shapefiles (Aviation)

Available with Aviation Airports license.


Imports one or more FAA Advisory Circular 150/5300-18B compliant shapefiles into a geodatabase that contains the ArcGIS Aviation Airports schema.


  • The output workspace must contain the 18B data model.

  • Imported shapefiles must contain the schema defined in Appendix D of AC 150/5300-18B and be z-enabled.

  • Duplicate features are reported as warnings. More detailed information on which features are duplicates can be found in the Results window.

  • The import process does not stop if errors, such as a missing field, are encountered. The tool stops the import process for the shapefile with an error and continues to import the rest of the shapefiles.


ImportFAA18BShapefiles(in_features, airports_workspace)
ParameterExplanationData Type

The folder containing the FAA 18B shapefiles to be imported into a geodatabase. All the shapefiles in the folder will be imported by default. To indicate specific shapefiles to be imported, list them in the in_features parameter.


The geodatabase into which the shapefiles will be imported.


Derived Output

NameExplanationData Type

The updated feature class containing the generated obstruction identification surfaces.


Code sample

ImportFAA18BShapefiles example (stand-alone script)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the ImportFAA18BShapefiles tool.

# Name:
# Description: Imports shapefiles into a geodatabase
#              that contains the ArcGIS Aviation Airports schema
# Author: Esri
# Date: August 2018

# Import arcpy module
import arcpy

# Check out Aviation license

# Define inputs
airports_gdb = r'c:\data\airports.gdb'
shapefile1 = r'c:\data\AircraftGateStand.shp'
shapefile2 = r'c:\data\AircraftNonMovementArea.shp'
shapefile3 = r'c:\data\AirOperationsArea.shp'

# Import the shapefiles
arcpy.ImportFAA18BShapefile_aviation([shapefile1, shapefile2, shapefile3], airports_gdb)

# Check in license


Licensing information

  • Basic: No
  • Standard: Requires Airports
  • Advanced: Requires Airports

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