A overview of the Crime Analysis and Safety toolbox

The Crime Analysis and Safety toolbox contains tools that support analytical functions to manage data, select crime incidents, conduct tactical and strategic analysis, and investigate crime patterns.


80-20 Analysis

Conducts an 80/20 analysis of features and determines cluster locations by creating a graduated symbol layer based on the number of incidents occurring at each location. The tool calculates a cumulative percentage field to identify the locations where incidents are disproportionately occurring.

Add Date Attributes

Adds fields containing date or time properties from an input date field, for example, day full name, day of the month, month, and year.

Feature To 3D By Time

Creates a 3D feature class using date values from input features.

Find Space Time Matches

Identifies matches between two feature classes based on proximity, time extent, or both.

Join Attributes From Polygon

Joins attributes from input polygon features to input point features.

Select Layer By Date And Time

Identifies matches between two feature classes based on proximity, time extent, or both.

Summarize Incident Count

Creates a feature class with coincident point counts. Coincident point counts for line and point features are determined by a specified maximum distance. Point counts for polygon features are determine by whether point features or portions of features overlap with the polygon feature.

Summarize Percent Change

Calculates the percent change for features that correspond with point features representing two equal comparison time periods.


Cell Phone Analysis

The Cell Phone Analysis toolset contains a set of tools that can be used to map and analyze cell phone activity using cell phone records, cell site points, and sector polygons.