An overview of the Distributed Geodatabase toolset

The Distributed Geodatabase toolset contains tools that allow you to create and synchronize changes between replica geodatabases.

Distributing geodatabases allows organizations to disperse their data as necessary from central servers to regional or local offices. This is achieved through replication of the geodatabase in whole or in part and dispensing these replicas as necessary throughout an organization. As the replicas are updated, changes can be coordinated between the offices through a synchronization process.


Create Replica

Creates a replica to a geodatabase from a specified list of feature classes, layers, datasets, and tables in an enterprise geodatabase.

Disable Replica Tracking

Disables replica tracking on your data.

Enable Replica Tracking

Enables replica tracking on your data.

Synchronize Changes

Synchronizes updates between two replica geodatabases in a direction specified by the user.

Unregister Replica

Unregisters a replica from an enterprise geodatabase.

Tools in the Distributed Geodatabase toolset

At ArcGIS Pro 2.4, some of the tools in the Distributed Geodatabase toolset were moved to other toolsets in the Data Management toolbox. The Add Global IDs tool was moved to the Fields toolset. The Import XML Workspace Document and Export XML Workspace Document tools were moved to the Workspace toolset.

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