Apply Block Adjustment (Data Management)


Applies the geographic adjustments to the mosaic dataset items. This tool uses the solution table from the Compute Block Adjustments tool.

This tool can also reset the geographic adjustments back to the original location.


  • This tool can be used to apply adjustments from a solution table or reset the geographic alignment back to its original state.


ApplyBlockAdjustment(in_mosaic_dataset, adjustment_operation, {input_solution_table}, {pan_to_ms_scaling_factor}, {DEM}, {zoffset}, {control_point_table}, {adjust_footprints}, {solution_point_table})
ParameterExplanationData Type

The input mosaic dataset to adjust.

Mosaic Dataset; Mosaic Layer

Choose whether you want to adjust the mosaic dataset using the solution table or if you want to reset the mosaic dataset so there are no adjustments applied.

  • ADJUSTAdjust the mosaic dataset using the input solution table.
  • RESETReset the mosaic dataset so there are no adjustments applied to it.
  • REACTIVATEImages dropped from the adjustment will be restored to active status. Images without the minimum number of control points required for adjustment are dropped from the computation in the standard adjustment operation, such that the images are categorized as Inactive in the footprints table, the maxPS value is set to 0, the imagery is not visible in the map, and the tie points statuses for the dropped images are disabled. This option will restore the Category status to Primary and ensure the maxPS value is resumed. Images that were included in the adjustment process are unaffected by this option.

Specify a solution table to use when adjusting your mosaic dataset. This is the output from the Compute Block Adjustments tool.

Table View

If your mosaic dataset contains pan-sharpened rasters, specify the scaling factor between the pan-sharpened resolution and the multispectral resolution.


A DEM to use within the application of the block adjustment. This DEM will only be used if it is a higher resolution than any DEM that may already exist within the mosaic dataset.

If this input DEM is used, the geometric function of the mosaic dataset will be updated using this input.

Raster Dataset; Raster Layer; Mosaic Dataset; Mosaic Layer

The vertical offset used to adjust the elevation layer within the mosaic dataset's Geometric function.


The input control point table will have the same adjustments applied as the solution table adjustments.

Table View

Choose whether to update the footprint geometry using the same transformation that was applied to the image.

  • NO_ADJUST_FOOTPRINTSDo not update the footprint geometry This is the default.
  • ADJUST_FOOTPRINTSUpdate the footprint geometry to the image geometry. The control point table will also be transformed, if one is provided.

Specify a solution points table to use to update the status field for the control point table. This parameter is used only when the control_point_table parameter is set.

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Derived Output

NameExplanationData Type

The output is the same mosaic dataset as the input; no new mosaic dataset is created. The block adjustment is applied to the original mosaic dataset.

Table View

The updated control points.

Table View

Code sample

ApplyBlockAdjustment example 1 (Python window)

This is a Python sample for the ApplyBlockAdjustment tool.

import arcpy
     "c:/BD/BD.gdb/redQB", "ADJUST",
     "c:/BD/BD.gdb/redQB_sol", 0.25)
ApplyBlockAdjustment example 2 (stand-alone script)

This is a Python script sample for the ApplyBlockAdjustment tool.

#apply block adjustment
import arcpy
arcpy.env.workspace = "c:/workspace"

#Apply the block ajustment
mdName = "BD.gdb/redlandsQB"
out_solutionTable = "BD.gdb/redlandsQB_solution"

arcpy.ApplyBlockAdjustment_management(mdName, "ADJUST", 
     out_solutionTable, 0.25)


This tool does not use any geoprocessing environments.

Licensing information

  • Basic: No
  • Standard: Yes
  • Advanced: Yes

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