Export Mosaic Dataset Paths (Data Management)


Creates a table of the file path for each item in a mosaic dataset. You can specify whether the table contains all the file paths or just the ones that are broken.


  • The output of this tool is a table, either in a geodatabase or a .dbf file.


ExportMosaicDatasetPaths(in_mosaic_dataset, out_table, {where_clause}, {export_mode}, {types_of_paths})
ParameterExplanationData Type

The mosaic dataset containing the file paths to export.

Mosaic Layer

The table to create. The table can be a geodatabase table or a .dbf file.

The SourceOID field in the output table is derived from the OID of the row in the original mosaic dataset table.


An SQL expression to select specific rasters for export.

SQL Expression

Populate the table with either all of the paths, or only the broken paths.

  • ALLExport all paths to the table. This is the default.
  • BROKENExport only broken paths to the table.

Choose to export file paths from only the source raster, only the cache, or both. The default is to export all path types.

  • RASTERExport file paths from rasters.
  • ITEM_CACHEExport file paths from item cache.

Code sample

ExportMosaicDatasetPaths example 1 (Python window)

This is a Python sample for the ExportMosaicDatasetPaths tool.

import arcpy
     "C:/Workspace/exportmd.gdb/md", "C:/workspace/brokenpaths.dbf",
     "#", "BROKEN", "RASTER")
ExportMosaicDatasetPaths example 2 (stand-alone script)

This is a Python script sample for the ExportMosaicDatasetPaths tool.

#Export broken raster path in FGDB Mosaic Dataset to dbf table

import arcpy
arcpy.env.workspace = "C:/Workspace"

mdname = "exportmd.gdb/md"
outtable = "C:/workspace/brokenpaths.dbf"
query = "#"
mode = "BROKEN"
pathtype = "RASTER"

arcpy.ExportMosaicDatasetPaths_management(mdname, outtable, query, 
                                          mode, pathtype)

Licensing information

  • Basic: No
  • Standard: Yes
  • Advanced: Yes

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