Validate Scene Layer (Data Management)


Evaluates a scene layer package file (*.slpk) to determine its conformity to I3S specification.


  • This tool will validate a scene layer package against the I3S specification to identify issues that may cause problems when viewing the scene layer in an ArcGIS client application. Consider running this tool before publishing a scene layer package generated outside of the ArcGIS platform.

  • The tool will assess the following:

    • Presence of expected values for all required and recommended JSON objects.
    • Presence of declared textures for buildings, 3D objects, and integrated meshes.
    • Presence of declared attributes and associated statistics for points, building, 3D objects, and point clouds.
    • Presence of declared vertex attributes such as position, color, UV, and normals.
    • Presence of root nodes and declared child nodes in the node tree.
  • The output report defaults to a readable JSON file but can also be generated as a text or XML file. The report lists warnings for issues that do not conform to the I3S specifications but may not cause a problem in displaying the data, and errors for issues that will cause problems in rendering the scene layer package.


ValidateSceneLayerPackage(in_slpk, out_report)
ParameterExplanationData Type

The scene layer package file that will be evaluated.


The output log file that will summarize the results of the evaluation.


Code sample

ValidateSceneLayerPackage example (Python window)

The following sample demonstrates the use of this tool in the Python window.

import arcpy
arcpy.env.workspace = 'C:/Data''street_furniture.slpk', 'validate_report.json')


Licensing information

  • Basic: Yes
  • Standard: Yes
  • Advanced: Yes

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