Copy Dataset From Big Data Connection (GeoAnalytics Desktop)


Copies a dataset from a big data connection (BDC) to a feature class.


  • This tool is only used for a copying BDC datasets to a feature class. Other inputs are not supported.

  • This tool requires a BDC. To create a BDC, use the Create Big Data Connection tool.

  • Big data connection datasets can be used as input to most geoprocessing tools. The following are examples of when to use the Copy Dataset From Big Data Connection tool to copy your datasets:

    • To use your datasets in tools that require editing of the original dataset (such as the Calculate Field tool)
    • To use your datasets in service-based analysis, such as when using the Feature Analysis tools
    • To apply selections to your analysis
    • To change the location of where the data is stored for future use
    • To create reports of your data or apply advanced symbology

  • Before running the tool, ensure that your data is registered correctly. To verify the dataset is registered as expected, use the Describe Dataset tool.

  • Geoprocessing environment settings can be used to modify how features will be output.

    • Use the Extent environment to limit the output by an area of interest or to sample features from the defined study area.
    • Use the Output Coordinate System environment to project outputs to the desired spatial reference.
  • The Copy Dataset From Big Data Connection tool creates a feature class from a BDC dataset. The followng tools can be used to modify a BDC:

  • This geoprocessing tool is powered by Spark. Analysis is completed on your desktop machine using multiple cores in parallel. See Considerations for GeoAnalytics Desktop tools to learn more about running analysis.


CopyDatasetFromBDC(input_layer, output)
ParameterExplanationData Type

The point, line, polygon, or table dataset to be copied.

Table View

The output dataset to be copied from a big data connection.

Feature Class; Table

Code sample

CopyDatasetFromBDC example (Python window)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the CopyDatasetFromBDC tool.

# Name:
# Description: Copies a dataset from a BDC to a file geodatabase.

# Import system modules
import arcpy
arcpy.env.workspace = "C:/data/basin.gdb"

# Set local variables
inputDataset = "C:/data/Datasets.bdc/rivers"
output = "rivers"

# Execute CopyDatasetFromBDC
arcpy.gapro.CopyDatasetFromBDC(inputDataset, output)

Licensing information

  • Basic: No
  • Standard: No
  • Advanced: Yes

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