Parse S-58 Log File (Maritime)

Available with Maritime Charting license.


Parses log files produced by the Validate S-57 File tool and third-party validation software against S-58 (recommended ENC validation checks). Critical errors and warnings are imported as records in a Data Reviewer table.


  • Validation log files generated by Esri .S58 files and 7Cs version 3.4 and higher (.ANL and .VLD files) are parsed.

  • The coordinate system of the Data Reviewer workspace feature dataset should match the coordinate system of the production database.

  • The Data Reviewer workspace must contain the reviewer schema. This can be created using the Enable Data Reviewer geoprocessing tool or the Reviewer Session Manager.

  • This geoprocessing tool uses one S-57 product per Data Reviewer workspace.

  • The Data Reviewer Session parameter should point to an existing session in the Data Reviewer workspace. If a new session is necessary, create it first in the Data Reviewer workspace.

  • Existing results in the target session that are marked as exceptions will not be written again to the same session.


ParseS58LogFile(in_s58_log_file, in_s57_file, in_production_database_workspace, in_reviewer_workspace, reviewer_session, {in_update_cells})
ParameterExplanationData Type

The S-58 log file that contains validation errors. It can be an *.S58, *.ANL, or *.VLD file.


The base cell file (*.000) from which the validation result was produced. The name of the ENC cell referenced in this parameter must match the name of the ENC cell referenced in the validation log file.


The workspace to validate and correct. This workspace contains the data used to generate the S-57 format file.


The path to the Data Reviewer workspace where the features or table records will be written. A Data Reviewer workspace must be created for each ENC product.


An existing Data Reviewer session.


The cell files (*.001 - *.999) that will be updated.


Derived Output

NameExplanationData Type

The total number of error and warning messages written to the Data Reviewer Session.


Code sample

ParseS58LogFile example (Python window)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the ParseS58LogFile tool.

# Import arcpy module
import arcpy
s58_file = r"C:\Data\checks\US4CN22M.S58"
base_cell = r"C:\Data\checks\US4CN22M.000"
nis = r"C:\Data\checks\NIS_test.gdb"
reviewer_gdb = r"C:\Data\checks\Reviewer.gdb"
reviewer_session = "Session 1 : Session 1"
update_cells = ""

# Process: Parse S-58 Log File
arcpy.maritime.ParseS58LogFile(s58_file, base_cell, nis, reviewer_gdb, reviewer_session, update_cells)


Licensing information

  • Basic: No
  • Standard: Requires ArcGIS Maritime
  • Advanced: Requires ArcGIS Maritime

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