An overview of the Turn Feature Class toolset

The Turn Feature Class toolset contains tools used to build and edit turn data. The tools in the toolset allow you to create new turn feature classes, convert existing ArcView GIS or ArcInfo Workstation turn tables to turn feature classes, and maintain the integrity of existing turn features based on their geometry or an alternate ID field in cases when the reference source features are updated.


Create Turn Feature Class

Creates a new turn feature class to store turn features that model turning movements in a network dataset.

Increase Maximum Edges

Increases the maximum number of edges per turn in a turn feature class.

Populate Alternate ID Fields

Creates and populates additional fields on the turn feature classes that reference the edges by alternate IDs. The alternate IDs allow for another set of IDs that can help maintain the integrity of the turn features in case the source edges are being edited.

Turn Table To Turn Feature Class

Converts an ArcView turn table or ArcInfo Workstation coverage turn table to an ArcGIS turn feature class.

Update By Alternate ID Fields

Updates all the edge references in turn feature classes using an alternate ID field. This tool should be used after making edits to the input line features that are referenced by the turn features to synchronize the turn features based on the alternate ID fields.

Update By Geometry

Updates all the edge references in the turn feature class using the geometry of the turn features. This tool is useful when the IDs listed for the turn can no longer find the edges participating in the turn due to edits to the underlying edges.

Tools in the Turn Feature Class toolset

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