An overview of the Administration toolset

The Administration toolset contains tools that are used to create, configure, and administer a parcel fabric. The toolset also contains a tool that is used to upgrade an ArcMap parcel fabric.


Add Parcel Type

Adds a parcel type to a parcel fabric. A parcel type is defined by a separate polygon and line feature class. Parcel type feature classes are controlled by the parcel fabric dataset.

Create Parcel Fabric

Creates a parcel fabric and its associated datasets. The parcel fabric is created in a feature dataset that resides in a file or an enterprise geodatabase.

Create Parcel Records

Creates parcel records for the input parcel fabric features using a record name field. Parcel records are created and added to the parcel fabric Records feature class. The parcel record polygons will match the cumulative geometry of all parcel polygons associated with them.

Disable Parcel Topology

Disables topology on a parcel fabric. System-defined parcel rules and topology rules and parcel fabric feature classes will be removed from the topology.

Enable Parcel Topology

Enables topology on a parcel fabric.

Remove Parcel Type

Removes a parcel type from a parcel fabric.

Upgrade ArcMap Parcel Fabric

Upgrades an ArcMap parcel fabric to an ArcGIS Pro parcel fabric.

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