Export Territory Solution (Territory Design)

Available with Business Analyst license.


Exports a territory solution to a feature class. The export includes records from all levels (hierarchy) of the solution.


  • A single feature class will be created with all levels.

  • The default value for the Output Shape Type parameter is set to the primary feature class type—for example, Boundary.

  • The following screen capture illustrates an example of three levels (three feature classes)—Base, Territory, and Region—exported into a single feature class. Geometry from base level and attributes of each base feature determine the territory or region to which it belongs.

    Export result


ExportTerritorySolution(in_territory_solution, out_feature_class, {output_geometry_type})
ParameterExplanationData Type

The Territory Design solution layer that will be exported.

Group Layer; Feature Dataset; String

The feature class that will contain the exported territory solution.

Feature Class

The feature geometry type to export.

  • TERRITORY_BOUNDARIESPolygon features that represent the territory boundaries will be exported.
  • TERRITORY_CENTERSPoint features that represent the territory centers will be exported.

Code sample

ExportTerritorySolution example (Python window)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the ExportTerritorySolution tool.

import arcpy
arcpy.td.ExportTerritorySolution("SD_Tracts", r"SD Districts\SD Districts.gdb\SD_Tracts_Export", "TERRITORY_BOUNDARIES")


Licensing information

  • Basic: Requires Business Analyst
  • Standard: Requires Business Analyst
  • Advanced: Requires Business Analyst

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