An overview of the Features toolset

The Features toolset contains tools that allow you to create and modify topographic features.


Calculate Default Values

Replaces null values in a feature class or table with the default values from the geodatabase feature class.

Calculate Metrics

Populates metrics for features in a geodatabase. Metrics include length, width, area, and elevation attributes.

Remove Cutback Vertices

Removes unwanted cutbacks for polyline and polygon feature classes or layers.

Repair Self Intersection

Repairs self-intersecting line or polygon features. The portion between the feature and the intersection points are either deleted or split into a new feature.

Split Features

Splits features on input feature classes for any number of polyline or polygon target feature classes using the cutting features and inserts points on the cutting feature.

Update GeoNames

Updates the name field on input features based on the information from GeoNames_FeaturesP and GEONAMES_TABLE.

Tools in the Features toolset

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