Python Package Manager

Python has a rich collection of packages that can be used in ArcGIS Pro. To simplify the use of Python packages, ArcGIS Pro includes a package management system called conda. Conda takes the guesswork and hassle out of installing and updating packages and their dependencies.

To further extend the versatility and utility of Python packages, multiple installations of Python can coexist on a single workstation, independent of one another. Each of these installations is referred to as a Python environment. Each Python environment can have its own set of packages, allowing you to switch between sets of Python functionality without uninstalling and reinstalling packages each time.

By default, ArcGIS Pro has a single conda environment, arcgispro-py3, which includes all Python libraries used by ArcGIS Pro as well as several others, such as scipy and pandas.

Access conda from Python

In the conda environment, you can open a Python session with the Python command and run Python scripts using the form Python You can also access conda functionality using the conda command, such as listing the contents of the current environment (using conda list) and searching for and accessing additional third-party libraries.

For more information about using and working with conda, see Introduction to conda.

Network access for creating environments and installing packages

Creating conda environments and installing packages requires an internet connection. If you're trying to clone an environment from behind a firewall, the following sites may need to be put on an allow list in your network's firewall settings:


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