Types of raster charts

In ArcGIS Pro, you can create the charts described below that visualize various characteristics and relationships in raster data.

Learn how to make a chart

Learn how to make a temporal profile chart.

Visualize change over time or distance

Temporal Profile

Temporal Profile chart

Use temporal profiles to visualize change over time for variables, bands, or values from other dimensions simultaneously.

Analyze the spectral signature of different features in imagery

Spectral Profile

Profile graph

Use spectral profiles to select areas of interest or ground features on the image and review the spectral information for all bands.

Explore relationships and correlation

Image Scatter Plot

Image Scatter plot

Use image scatter plots to examine the association between image bands and their relationship to features and materials of interest.

Visualize distributions and frequency

Image Histogram

Image Histogram

Use image histograms to visualize the distribution of pixel values for a band by grouping the image's dynamic range into bins and measuring the frequency of those groups.