Using ArcGIS Enterprise routing services

TheArcGIS Enterprise routing services are fully integrated into ArcGIS Pro. You can use ArcGIS Enterprise routing services as the network data source for solving network analysis problem using the same workflow as with either a local network dataset or the ArcGIS Online routing services. You can use ArcGIS Enterprise routing services as many times as you need without paying credits for each service.

ArcGIS Enterprise routing services can be shared in the same ways as a feature service. Changing the sharing properties of the routing services allows you to control who in your organization can use the routing services.

ArcGIS Enterprise routing services can be accessed from the following locations:

  • Click Analysis, click the Network Analysis drop-down menu, and change the network data source to your portal

    Once you change the data source, the network analysis tools available in the drop-down menu will use routing services from ArcGIS Enterprise.

  • ArcGIS Enterprise routing services are geoprocessing services hosted in your ArcGIS Enterprise, so you can use them as web tools in ArcGIS Pro.

    In the Geoprocessing pane, click Portal > All Portal, type networkanalysis in the Search bar, then double-click the NetworkAnalysis toolbox.

    To use these tools in your geoprocessing models, you can drag the available network analysis tools in ModelBuilder from the Geoprocessing pane.