Composite Bands function


The Composite Bands function allows you to combine rasters to form a multiband image.


The interface allows you to add multiple rasters and order them. The raster at the top of the list will become band 1 in the output. The next raster will become band 2, and so on.


Parameter nameDescription


There are several different input sources that can be used within the Composite Bands function:

  • Add raster from disk—Add a raster that is on disk. You can add raster datasets, mosaic datasets, and raster products.
  • Add function chain—Add a function chain as an input.
  • Add reference to selected input—Add a referenced copy of the selected raster or the selected function chain input. A change in the referenced raster or the function chain will be reflected in this referenced copy. This can be useful when creating many other that may use the same referenced input.

Parameter nameDescription


Use the drop-down list or the Browse button to choose the raster inputs.

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