Add locators to a project

You can add one or more locators to a project and use them to find places. When you perform a search using the Locate pane, all locators added to the project will be searched for finding possible matching candidates.

All locators shared as utility services on your portal will be added to every project you create automatically.

All locators stored locally on disk (including ArcGIS World Geocoder, ArcGIS StreetMap Premium, and locators you create) can be added to an ArcGIS Pro project in the same ways. Locators that are accessed through server connections or accessed on the Portal tab of the Catalog pane are also added in the same ways.

  1. Open an existing project, or create one.
  2. On the Insert tab, click Connections in the Project group, and click Add Locator Add Locator.

    The Select Existing Locator browse dialog box appears.

  3. Alternatively, you can right-click the Locators folder in the Catalog pane to open the browse dialog box.
  4. On the Select Existing Locator dialog box, browse for the locator or composite locator you want to use for geocoding.
  5. You can browse for a locator on disk or a locator on your connected servers.
  6. Click Select or double-click to add the locator to the project.

    You can also navigate to a folder connection or server connection in the Catalog pane and either drag the locator onto the map or right-click the locator or geocode service, and click Add To Project Add To Project.

    The locator will be added to the Locators folder Locators folder in the Catalog pane alongside any utility services that were added automatically.


Any locators added to your project using the methods above as well as the utility services added automatically from your portal will now be available to find places on the map using the Locate pane. You can also use any of these locators to convert a table to locations on the map.

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