Create the Indoors geodatabase

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.

Before you can add data, you need to use the Create Indoors Database geoprocessing tool to apply the ArcGIS Indoors Information Model to your geodatabase, which will populate it with the Indoors feature classes and configuration tables.

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro.
  2. In the New section, click Map.

    The Create a New Project dialog box appears.

  3. Type a name for the project, choose a project folder, and click OK.
  4. Create a file geodatabase.
  5. Name the empty file geodatabase after the site or building.
  6. Click the Analysis tab, click the Tools button Tools, and click Toolboxes in the Geoprocessing pane that appears.
  7. Expand Indoors Tools and double-click the Create Indoors Database tool.
  8. On the Parameters tab, enter the parameters as necessary.
    1. On the Target Geodatabase dialog box, browse to your empty file geodatabase.
    2. Optionally, uncheck the Create Indoors Network check box.

      By default, the Create Indoors Database tool creates an Indoors workspace with a network dataset to support indoor routing. If you only want to map floor plan data for your facilities, you can optionally uncheck the Create Indoors Network check box to exclude the network dataset from your Indoors model.


      If you initially run the tool without creating a network dataset, you can later rerun the tool to create a network dataset for your Indoors model.

  9. Click Run.
  10. In the Catalog pane, browse to your newly created Indoors geodatabase to inspect its contents.

You can now load floorplans to the indoor geodatabase from BIM or CAD files.

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