Write device location data to a log

In addition to viewing geolocation and satellite information, you can record the current location of a GNSS device to a point feature class. Doing so allows you to track the device's movement over time. To get started, you may need to prepare the point feature class by either editing its schema or creating a new one.

When logging is in progress, geographic coordinate data is recorded by default. Optionally, you can run the Add GPS Metadata Fields tool to log additional GNSS metadata to feature class fields. Storing metadata can be useful for data quality assessment and helps ensure data collection standards are met. If metadata fields are included in your point feature class, you can log the metadata to the respective fields when logging is in progress.

Log data

To configure a point feature class for logging GNSS location data, complete the following steps:

  1. On the View tab, in the Device Location group, click the Location Details button Location Details to open the Device Location pane. If the button is unavailable, check your GNSS device connection.
  2. In the Device Location pane, click the Log Data tab Log data.
  3. In the Output feature class field, enter the location of the point feature class.

    Click the Browse button Browse to search for and choose an existing point feature class. If you need to create a new feature class, use the Create Feature Class wizard.

    Click the Clear button Clear to clear the selected point feature class.


    There are some limitations to the type of point feature class that can be used. Due to potential connectivity issues, the location of the feature class cannot be on a network share. Additionally, the geographic coordinate system of the feature class must match the device.

  4. Optionally, specify a Sample interval distance. When a sample interval is specified, new points are only logged to the feature class when the device travels farther than that distance. Change the units of measurement as needed.
  5. At the bottom of the pane, click Start Run to begin logging data to the point feature class. Click Stop Stop at any time to end logging.

When logging is in progress, an exclusive lock is set on the point feature class by the application. You cannot make any edits or change the schema of the point feature class during this time.

The Add GPS Metadata Fields tool adds the following fields to the point feature class. However, these fields cannot be logged because the receiver does not send this information to the application:


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