Refresh a location's content

The first time you browse to a location using an instance of the ArcGIS Pro application, the contents list accurately reflects the items present that can be used in ArcGIS Pro. If you later change the items stored in that location outside of ArcGIS Pro or in a second open project, the contents list in the first open project will not update automatically to reflect that change.

For example, if you save an email attachment to a folder, or create a new feature class using ArcMap, or add a layer to the active portal using a web browser, you will not see the new item in the folder, the geodatabase, or the active portal automatically. You must refresh the contents list in ArcGIS Pro to see the new item.

The following methods are available to refresh the contents list:

  • Browse to a location in the catalog view or the browse dialog box, or select an item in the Catalog pane, and press F5 or click Refresh Refresh on the Catalog tab on the ribbon, in the Organize group.
  • Browse into a location in the catalog view or the browse dialog box and click the Refresh button Refresh at the end of the Location bar.
  • In the Catalog pane, click the item, click the Menu button Menu, and click Refresh Refresh.
  • Right-click an item in the catalog view or the Catalog pane, and click Refresh Refresh.

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