An overview of the Data Management toolset

Available with Aviation Charting license.

The Data Management toolset contains tools that gather information from related tables to populate source features with aviation data and create copies of features based on related AOIs.


Generate Airspace Lines

Adds, modifies, or deletes polyline features from coincident edges of airspace polygons.

Generate Aviation Cartographic Features

Creates cartographic copies of features based on the area of interest they fall into.

Generate Derived Airspace Geometry

Generates airspace geometry for associated airspace features from an imported AIXM 5.1 message.

Prepare Aviation Data

Evaluates aviation data based on organizationally specific JSON scripts, returning values necessary for cartographic labeling and symbolization. Returned values are stored in a single attribute of your features.

Process Air Traffic Service Routes

Identifies, generalizes, and offsets overlapping Air Traffic Service (ATS) routes.

Report Aviation Chart Changes

Compares feature classes in two enterprise geodatabase versions and returns the differences in a report. You can filter the reported changes to determine which charts are affected by these differing data sources. You can set filters based on areas of interest (AOI), definition queries, and Report Chart Changes preferences.

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