Generate Standard Geography Trade Areas (Business Analyst)

Available with Business Analyst license.


Creates trade areas based on predefined named statistical areas. This tool does not consume credits.


Standard geography trade area


  • Standard geographies are trade areas based on standardized administrative boundaries. In the United States, this includes layers such as states, counties, ZIP Codes, block groups, census tracts, core-based statistical areas (CBSA), designated market areas (DMA), or places. Each country dataset offers administrative boundaries that can vary. Individual trade areas are created for each unique geography—for example, each state, or each ZIP Code that you select.

  • One layer can contain several trade areas—for example, one whole layer containing a collection of counties.

  • The list of IDs must be in a table or list format.

  • The table can be in any format supported by ArcGIS Pro—for example, a comma- or tab-delimited text (.txt) file or Excel file.

  • For the list format, the list of IDs must separated by commas.

  • The geography ID for the entire country trade area is 01.

  • When the Input Type parameter is set to Table, the associated Geography Key Field parameter must be a text field.

Syntax, out_feature_class, {input_type}, {in_ids_table}, {geography_key_field}, {ids_list}, {summarize_duplicates}, {group_field}, {dissolve_output})
ParameterExplanationData Type

Geography level that will be used to define your trade area.


Output feature containing your trade area.

Feature Class

Specifies a list or table of geography IDs.

  • TABLE Input IDs from a table.
  • LIST Input IDs from a list. This is the default.

Input table with IDs used to select geographies that will define your trade area.

Table View

Field within Geography IDs Table that identifies records to include in the output.


List of comma-separated geography IDs.


Specifies how to handle duplicate fields in the table containing matching geography IDs.

  • SUMMARIZE_DUPLICATESSummarizes the numeric fields for all duplicate records.
  • USE_FIRSTAppends the data of the first record and ignores any others. This is the default.

The field that is used to perform a group by operation.


Dissolves the output based on the selected group_field.

  • DISSOLVEDissolves the output.
  • DONT_DISSOLVEDoes not dissolve the output. This is the default.

Code sample

StandardGeographyTA example (Python window)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the StandardGeographyTA tool.

import arcpy"US.ZIP5", r"C:\Temp\Output.gdb\StdGeogTradeAreas",
                             None, None, "92111,92117,92122", "USE_FIRST", None,

Licensing information

  • Basic: Requires Business Analyst
  • Standard: Requires Business Analyst
  • Advanced: Requires Business Analyst

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