Import Segmentation Profile (Business Analyst)

Available with Business Analyst license.


Generates a segmentation profile from a table.


  • This tool requires segmentation data from a locally installed Business Analyst dataset.

  • Optimally, the input table should contain the Segment ID, Segment Name, Count, and Percent fields. If the table was built with volumetric data, the Total Volume and Average Volumetric fields should also be included.

    Import segmentation table

    Additional fields that exist in your input table should be removed before attempting to import.

  • Segment ID and Count fields are required in the input table.

  • The Segment ID field values in the input table must exist in the active Business Analyst dataset.

    The input table must be in a tabular format supported by ArcGIS Pro. Supported formats include the following:

    • Geodatabase
    • Database
    • Feature layer attribute table
    • dBASE
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Text, ASCII, and comma-separated values files (.csv)

    If the Segment Name field does not exist in the input table, it will be added during the import process. The new field will be populated with values based on correlation to the Segment ID field.

    If only a subset of Segment ID values are included in the input table, the balance of the full distribution of segments will be added during processing. The Count and Percent fields for these additions will be zero filled.

Syntax, segmentation_base, out_profile, segment_id_field, count_field, {total_volume_field})
ParameterExplanationData Type

The input table with segmentation information.

Table View

The segmentation base for the profile being created. Available options are provided by the segmentation dataset in use.


The name of the segmentation file to be created.


A string field that contains the segmentation code.


A numeric field that contains segment count information.


A numeric field that contains volume information.


Code sample

ImportSegmentationProfile example (Python window)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the ImportSegmentationProfile function.

import arcpy"C:\temp\importprofile.csv", "Total Households", r"C:\output\CustomerProfile.sgprofile", "Seg_ID", "Count_int", "Total_Volume")

Licensing information

  • Basic: Requires Business Analyst
  • Standard: Requires Business Analyst
  • Advanced: Requires Business Analyst

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